Elemental Enterprises

Elemental Enterprises is a robust business venture with fully operational divisions in both the Market District and The Hill District of the City of Rezport.

In the Market District, Elemental Enterprises manages a number of manufacturing and supply contracts, acting as a supplier for various mercantile ventures, including a runic production partnership with the honorable House Wynn. Elemental Enterprises also owns and operates the Paranoia’s Placation storefront, offering security solutions and providing Medical Wares, Tinkering Supplies, and Warding Runes to the people of Rezport. Within the Paranoia’s Placation storefront, visitors can also make appointments for appraisals of elemental relics, or arrange consultations regarding matters of the arcane. Lastly, on special occasions, Elemental Enterprises hosts auctions during which Elemental & Historic relics of considerable significance and great value can be found.

On the Hill, Elemental Enterprises strives to provide the highest quality of magical and historical expertise, offering consultations to the great Houses of Rezport, as well as to other notable clientele. Artificers seeking to utilize arcane components or mages hoping for assistance in their research regularly make arrangements for consultations and aid from the Hill Division. And perhaps more interestingly, Elemental Enterprises occasionally offers a Gate-Crashing service, retrieving rare and valuable relics from worlds which the City of Rezport has visited in the past.

Elemental Enterprises Corporate Leadership

Lanre Lightsong – A student of the University of Rezport and a cartographer of some renown, Lanre Lightsong is a proficient Arcanist and a master of all manner of lore. Born outside of the City of Rezport, he specializes in magical travel, relic acquisition, and relations with the Hill. Lanre also claims to possess deep magical connections to the City of Rezport, and has stated his intention to settle within the city permanently, remaining in Rezport even after it has moved on to other worlds.

A Leaf Rustling On The Wind – Known more commonly simply as “Rustle”, A Leaf Rustling On The Wind is a skilled magus who walks the path of the Elementalist. He is a fearsome combat spellcaster, an extremely knowledgeable Arcanist, and a master of all things elemental. Rustle also oversees the legal affairs of the company, ensuring that the proper licenses, permits, and corporate filings are accurate and up to date.

Councilor Orrin Tycho – A spiritualist and scholar of Drift Magic, Orrin overseers various elements of research within the venture, and often leverages his his skill and association with the notable detective agency ‘Le OrrinĀ² Investigations’ in order to organize missions of exploration, investigation, and retrieval.

Dagger of The Glade – A tinkerer and master of security, Dagger watches for potential threats to the business and oversees the tinkering services which are offered through the Paranoia’s Placation E.E. storefront. Dagger is a well-traveled fey, with a experience acting as a scout in the most dangerous environments. This makes her an invaluable resource during Gate-Crashing expeditions.

Wizard Reginald Manyhome – A Fey Wizard of incredible talents, Reginald is both a Runic Artificer and a Medical Artificer, apprentice to the mighty dragon Daryoon Anairo. Wizard Manyhome specializes in Wards and other arcane protections, oversees many of the Market Operations, and serves as a vital bridge between the Hill Division and the Market Division through use of his magical insights and artificing knowledge.

Rhawon Rhovanor – Rhawon is an incredibly talented Runic Artificer. He is also a skilled Battle Mage, and one of the Adventurers of Northwatch. While he does not possess the same heightened Elemental Affinity as the original founders of the business, Rhawon is an elemental mage of noteworthy skill who specializes in Fire Magic, and spends much of his time crafting valuable Runes & Schema.

Elemental Enterprises

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